We’re a VisitEngland Accredited Farm!

Apr 14, 2022

The week could not have had a better start!

On Monday Tiny Steps was awarded the VisitEngland Quality Assured Visitor Attraction accreditation, which really does exemplify all the hard work we’ve all done and hopefully puts us on the map for good. Not to mention… we got a massive score of 97%! The lovely man who awarded us with this said the volunteers were a credit to the farm, and the animals look so well cared for and happy, we’re truly overjoyed with the outcome, it gave us all a spring in our step for the coming week.

This week we managed to get Tokyo and Oshu on a leash in the hope we can do goat trekking in the near future. Being babies, the sooner we start to get them used to these things, the more comfortable they will be with them and the happier they will be to do it. We did try Socks on a harness, but she was not having any of it, she ended up walking one of the volunteers rather than the other way round. Her half siblings however took well to their leads, not needing a harness being so small, they galloped around on them so fingers crossed that will be our newest attraction soon!

Those who have enjoyed a day at Tiny Steps recently will have seen the laminated fun facts dotted around the farm. We made these for the start of the season so visitors, including children, are given a bit more information and background on the actual animal and the anatomy and history of that animal, and a few interesting things about them; goats have four stomachs… who knew!? We’ve found especially the children have really taken to these fun facts, allowing them to practice their reading and recite it back to their parents having learnt something new and interesting.

We’re happy to say the Tiny Treats Van is now functional, we just await the finishing cosmetic touches to make it aesthetically pleasing in our farm environment, but it works! From the van you can purchase tea, coffee, squash, and some sweet treats to enjoy in our picnic table area, I’m sure with some beady little goat eyes watching for any crumbs. As the weather improves hopefully this will be a nice little haven to relax before heading out, much like we hope the farm is.

As usual we thank you all for your support and interest in the farm, especially in light of our most recent success this week! We look forward to seeing you next week, for now enjoy some exclusive pictures below!